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Powerful Tips You Must Know in Live Soccer Betting


Before setting out to bet on soccer, you should be very well-versed in the basics of the game. The tactics and strategies that go into playing this sport are very different than what you’ll find in basketball or football. Learn these basics, and you should be able to find a lot of success in your soccer betting. Your knowledge of the game makes you much more confident when placing bets.


Before you place your bet on a soccer match, check the odds at several different sports books. If you can find many different sites where the odds are close to each other, this is good for you as you have a better chance of winning. Sportsbooks will try to entice players with odds far from what they should be. You can take advantage of this difference and make some money off it.


It is important to remember that a score of zero does not mean a draw in soccer. It would be best if you weren’t betting on this. Always pick one team or the other when it comes to a 0-0 scoreline.


Watch for players who take penalties for their teams. These are players who will have high conversion rates on penalties, which can make them terrific bets when they take the penalty shot in a game. There is also the possibility that they will dramatically miss the shot.

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 You should never put too much money into one bet if you are betting online and plan to cash out your winnings before they expire. There is no regulation governing the length of time that you can cash out a payout. This means that if you put a tremendous amount of money into something and it turns out to be a loser, you could lose all your money.


When deciding which soccer bet to make, look at the odds of each event individually instead of considering the whole package. If an event’s odds are too low, the wager must be wrong. If these low odds persist in several places, there is something wrong with the game or that particular book. There will be poor sportsbooks that will try to entice people by offering lower-than-expected odds on various bets. You can take advantage of this and make money by betting on an event with a low-odds bet.


If you want to win with your soccer bets, don’t be afraid to set the line yourself. judi mix parlay allow their users to set the lines, and you can use these to gain an advantage on the market if you know enough about the game. While there is some risk involved in this, it’s usually worthwhile.


Watch as many soccer matches as possible before taking any bets. However, do not let yourself get too excited! If you get too emotional while watching matches and invest more money than you should, you could lose a lot of cash.