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A guide for beginners to know about the Dragon Tiger Card Game

ไพ่เสือ-มังกร is the most basic type of card game in which gamblers must predict the outcome of a bet. Which of the two will receive the most points when the card is revealed?

It is similar in baccarat card games, where they bet on which outcome of the game will win the bet, but in the dragon tiger card game, it is so simple to choose the higher value card by chance.

The values of the cards in Dragon Tiger

For beginners, the Dragon Tiger card value is listed below.

Ace is equal to 1, k is equal to 13, Q is equal to 12, and J is equal to 11, and the rest of the number cards carry their respective values. As per this value of the card, the winner of the bet is decided. The card values in this game are easy to read, unlike in other card games.

Where can a beginner place a bet in the game?

As a beginner to this game, you can place a bet on the dragon, the tiger, or a tie in the game. The dragon and tiger will receive a higher bet amount if they win the bet. The tie has reduced winning possibilities and also has a lower cash value. You can win the game by predicting the outcome with a 50/50 chance of both outcomes occurring.

What is a side bet?

Other the betting option on the dragon, tiger, or tie side bet option is also available in ไพ่เสือ-มังกร. When the game results in more dynamics, the player may lose interest in the game. Because of the game’s simplicity, more gamblers want to try it. The thrilling outcome of the game makes it more interesting. Instead of the three standard bets, players have eight additional options.

Dragon Tiger online

The eight side bets include

  • Tiger red
  • Tiger black
  • Dragon red
  • Dragon black
  • Tiger big
  • Tiger small
  • Dragon big
  • Dragon small

The game table is divided into two halves, one black, and the other red. If the bet wins on the tiger, what is the background? The winning bet is used to denote the tiger red, dragon red, tiger black, and tiger red. The big or small of the card’s value is less than, which is small, and greater than 7, which is big. Using this side bet, the winner is decided.