The Risks of Online Betting

As the chances of betting increase, so do the risks of developing compulsive behaviors, which could lead to more or less severe forms of gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly widespread phenomenon, which is rapidly turning into a real emergency in many areas of our territory fun88.

As stated on the Political Thermometer website, the people who currently show signs of compulsive attitudes towards gambling are between 1.3% and 3.8% of the population, while the percentage of people with known forms of pathological dependence is equal to 1.6%.

A particularly worrying fact is the growing participation of young people in the world of gambling, a participation that also counts many minors. To try to reduce the problem, there are numerous gambling prevention and control activities by competent authorities, led by all the Italian regions.

As regards online gaming and betting, the Customs and Monopoly Agency, the body that deals with the regulation of gambling , allows only sites that meet strict requirements to operate legally in our territory. Such as, respecting the gambling ban for minors under the age of 18 and promoting gambling that is as fair and responsible as possible.


To do this, these online gaming portals require verification of identity at the time of registration, by sending a copy of the identity document, and are equipped with specific systems that allow you to regulate the game or self-exclude, so to reduce the risks associated with gambling.

Comfort and time are certainly two characteristics that have influenced the passage of many users from offline to online betting: with the advent of smartphones and many apps, it has become very easy to play from home and this is possible at any time of day, by placing a one-click bet in seconds. Playing in an offline point of sale, on the other hand, involves moving around, going to the point of sale, queuing up and wasting time making the bet, which will always take longer in terms of time.

Odds, promotions and bonuses are other elements that have favored this migration to online: the odds of safe online betting sites are in fact on average much higher than those offered in offline points of sale, while the various bonuses are completely absent in them. and promotions that you find on online betting sites.

As far as live betting and live streaming are concerned, great strides have been made in recent years. The most important online betting sites in fact offer a live schedule full of events and the acceptance of bets takes place in a few moments, unlike what happens in a land-based betting shop where the acceptance of the bet is longer and time is often wasted.