What Are IRR Contact Lenses?

A lot of poker players around the world enjoy using the infrared contact lenses poker cheating. Through these, users can see IR marks that are left on the backs of playing cards. The marks can be printed on plastic cards and paper cards. The patterns of the marks may also be designed based on your requirements.

Along with these IRR contact lenses for poker cheating, there’s also the special luminous or invisible ink for playing cards. This cheating tool is perfect for baccarat, Texas Hold’em, and Omaha. Without the infrared contact lenses, the playing cards will look just ordinary. You cannot see marks on the backs of the playing cards.

There are many types of invisible ink IRR contact lenses that are available in MarkedCardsStore.com. There are gray eyes marked cards contact lenses, blue eyes marked, black eyes marked contact lenses, brown eyes marked contact lenses, and the green invisible ink marked contact lenses.

There are also plenty of alternatives for the IRR contact lenses which are equally effective for poker cheating. You can get yourself a pair of special infrared marked cards sunglasses. This looks like the regular fashion sunglasses, but works as the best invisible ink filter. This type of sunglasses also comes in a variety of options. You can have it as a normal black sunglasses, the more fashionable ones with a gold frame for men, and many others. 

Marked Playing Cards

For those who have not heard of the IRR contact lenses for poker, this information could be very important: 

The main focus of this set of contact lenses is on the invisible ink found on marked cards. The waves that come from the ink are all over the room. The lenses can pick up the waves and focus them on your eyes’ ore. This makes every pattern found on the card clear, making identification easy and accurate. All these can happen in a fraction of a second and you will be able to recognize the card and its position in the hands of your opponent.

The distance between the farthest player’s cards and your vision has no impact on the visual appearance of the targeted object. The intensity stays the same regardless of the reception and angle of transmission. You can rest assured that the image quality is the same regardless of the lighting condition.

The most important element of the IRR contact lenses is the refractive index. It is what determines the clarity of the inked in the marked cards. The refractive medium traps all the incoming light and focuses it all on the eyes of the wearer. This is possible through the silicone hydrogel. These contact lenses are soft and comfortable to wear. It has no ill effects to the eyes or even to the optic nerves.