New Version Of Online Dice Game

One kind of exciting dice game is released online. The dice game is a cube shape, four-sided with small pips. Dice are used in many different kinds of games, which is normally seen in the snake and ladder. Kids love snake and ladder game, yet the game is for fun online. But, the dice game is leveled up, which becomes applicable to casino games. The dice have been used for the น้ำเต้าปูปลา Fish, and Shrimp as another version instead of small pips. So, it is an indication that the game paid attention by the game developers to its convincing-nature.

Probability in mathematics

For those who played Gourd Crab, using probability in mathematics for winning the game is the smartest way. There will be simple and accurate ways to calculate the probability of the game. Gourd, Crab, Shrimp, Fish, or Gourd Crab game is the Southeast Asian version of the Anchor and Crown game. The game has 4 symbols;

  1. Gourd
  2. Crab
  3. Shrimp
  4. Fish

Shrimp in some games is replaced with Tiger. The game is popular in Vietnam, especially on Tet holidays. The game is normally played on Lunar New Year.

Playing Baccarat Online

The origin of the game

The game appears first in China, which soon spread to Asian countries. Chinese has another name for the game, Hoo Hey How. The game playing kits include the following:

The table has 6 squares, it corresponds to 6 characters.

The order of the characters is from bottom to top, Shrimp-Crab-Fish-Chicken-Gourd-Deer.

It has 3 dices with 6 characters on each side.

A cup is used to roll the dices.

The game attracts people due to its entertaining nature. However, not all people always play the game. So, game developers come up with the idea to make a mod version for the game. Now, many online players are downloading the game and enjoy it on mobile.

Calculating the winning odds

The game’s calculating odds is based on two methods:

  1. win-loss probability
  2. mathematical method 

These methods help you know the advantage of the players or bankers. There will be probable 3 cases happened once the player placed all the results:

  1. The banker will tie if there are results of the same faces.
  2. The banker wins 1/4 in 2 of the same faces.
  3. The banker wins 2/5 in 3 different faces

The banker’s winning odds become 7.8% by calculating the probability. Many players have started the game without any knowledge about the game. But, by the time they mastered the game, they have been playing it over and over again.